Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break Part 2 with Mom

Tyler spent the second half of Spring Break hanging with mom, who put him to work washing her car.
Of course, Tyler made sure to take extra precautions!

Better to be safe than sorry, I say!

Ty and mom had a picnic lunch at the pool.

They went to Pearlridge and rode the monorail.

They also went to Kuhio beach...

where the light rain didn't stop Ty from playing in the sand.

Ty and mom went to the Honolulu Zoo.

They visited the reptile house and the keiki zoo...

Where Ty met new friends, billy goats.

Can you see Ty's hand sticking out?

Ty and mom enjoyed a refreshing rainbow shave ice!

And Ty played with Kailoa at the beach fronting the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

It was a good Spring Break 2009!


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