Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

Tyler's mom had to work at the Honolulu Festival this past weekend, all weekend long, but the good thing was that Tyler got to hang out with mom! Tyler was such a big helper, passing out brochures and telling people where the bathroom is.

He even got to meet Doraemon in person! It was so cute, his eyes blink! And he's only slightly taller than Tyler!

Tyler was a little hesitant to see the Daijayama, or fire-spitting dragon, heads that were on display at the Hawaii Convention Center.

Tyler met some new friends, including Billy V of KINE who was the emcee, and Peyton, who he hung out with on Saturday.

Both Peyton and Tyler got fish from the Ennichi Corner. Peyton named his fish Oscar and Tyler named his fish Get.

Tyler also got a Thomas mask that Grandma Kam won for him at the cork gun game.

Tyler had a busy weekend at the Honolulu Festival, and mom was happy he could hang out with her while she worked!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tyler and his BFF

Tyler met his BFF (best friend forever) Colin at Kawaiaha‘o Preschool
and they've remained pals, even after Tyler left.

Maybe it's because they have the same interests...

Or maybe because they're both so silly!

But whatever it is, they like playing with each other,
even with Colin's sister Larisa!

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