Thursday, June 3, 2010

FORE! Ty Tees It Up

Ty took golf lessons at school towards the end of the year so to continue during the summer, he is taking lessons from Aunty Julie. They had their first lesson this afternoon at Pearl Country Club in Pearl City.

First lesson - how to place the tee.

Then it was actual putting lessons.

Ty lined up his ball...

And took a swing!

Aunty Julie helped him with his grip.

Then it was time to go to the driving range.

He learned the importance of keeping both feet on the ground.

Ty did a pretty good job swinging...

He swung very hard!

And he connected with the ball well!

He even broke two tees, which he was so proud of!

Thanks to Aunty Julie for the first golf lesson at a golf course!
Who knows, maybe he'll be a great golfer!
His goal: to be as good as his dad!

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