Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ono Grinds on Disney Cruise

One of the best things about the Disney Cruise was the food! We ate great meals at spectacular restaurants!

At Lumiere's, we dined on scallops and duck.

This was the cake brought out to celebrate Grandma Kam's belated birthday and Aunty Susie and Uncle Rance's wedding anniversary.

Too bad Tyler missed our first night dining at Lumiere's.

He was so tired from all the excitement he fell asleep at the table!

Touches of Mickey were seen everywhere, even in the ketchup!

At Animator's Palate, we dined on beef and seafood dishes.

And then enjoyed yummy desserts!

Thanks to our dining crew, Cloverly of Jamaica and Paul of South Africa, for the wonderful experiences onboard the Disney Magic!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Disney Cruise Day 1 - Welcome onboard Disney Magic!

Tyler's journey to the Disney cruise vacation began at Honolulu Airport...

where Tyler and his cousin Haylie anxiously awaited to board the Delta flight to Los Angeles.

This is the view of the Disney Magic from the shuttle at Port of Los Angeles.

Minnie Mouse greeted us at Port of Los Angeles before we embarked.

Tyler was not so sure of Minnie... running away in the middle of posing for pictures!

We received a warm welcome as we boarded the Disney Magic!

Look at the amazing, grand atrium!

Tyler poses by one of two smoke stacks onboard the Disney Magic. This smoke stack or funnel isn't real. It's actually the home to the teen club! The other funnel is real.

Tyler and Daddy view Port of Los Angeles from front of ship.

This is what our inside stateroom looked like. Very tiny!

Tyler dons his life vest for the mandatory evacuation drill.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Memories of Mickey and Friends!

Tyler and his family went on a Disney cruise to the Mexican Riviera!

L to R: Grandma Kam, Daddy, Tyler, Minnie Mouse, Mommy, Cousin Haylie, Aunty Susie and Uncle Rance
Tyler and Haylie were greeted by Minnie at the Port of Los Angeles prior to embarkment

Enjoy the pictures taken onboard the Disney Cruise!

Tyler enjoyed Pirate Night!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tyler Sees Sea Life

Tyler and Grandpa Randy went to Sea Life Park in East Oahu

They enjoyed the dolphin show, away from the splash zone

Tyler was impressed by the puffer fish

And he especially liked the turtles!

Monday, August 4, 2008

2nd Day of School Jitters

Tyler returned to school today with the intention of "not being shy today"...

But once there, he got butterflies again...

Hang in there Ty!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Flashback Friday - 1st Trip to Disneyland 2005

As our family gets ready to go to Disneyland again and on the Disney Cruise, here's a look back at Tyler's first time at Disneyland in 2005, right after his 2nd birthday.

This is what Tyler looked like through most of Disneyland. No smile, nothing. He still has that look when he's not sure of something.

First ride was on Dumbo!
Thanks to Aunty Melissa who took the picture from the Dumbo in front of us!

The family standing in line. For a September, it was quite hot, as I recall.

The tea cup ride was the only ride where Tyler smiled! I think it was because of the motion. He seems to like things that go fast!

It was the park's 50th anniversary so we got Golden ears!

Can't wait for our trip! Keep checking the blog for updates!

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