Friday, February 27, 2009

Tyler working on cars suspension

Tyler makes sure he wears his mechanic's gloves before he tackles automotive suspension work.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finally... A Cute School Picture!

Yay, Tyler's kindergarten school photo is SOOO CUTE!

This is actually his re-take since his original was,
in his mother's opinion, horrible!
It takes a bad photographer to make Tyler look terrible.
Plus, the original was taken right at the start of school,
so Tyler was probably nervous and uncomfortable.
I'm glad it came out okay and as Tyler said to me,
"Is that the one you wanted?" I said, "Yes!"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Exploring the Battleship Missouri

Tyler and his family went to see the Battleship Missouri during a 10th Anniversary Celebration that offered free kama‘aina admission.

Ty and his cousin Haylie enjoyed posing near all the displays

Then it was time to board the Battleship Missouri!
Boy, there
sure are a lot of stairs on the ship!

We explored the inside cabins. Reminded us sort of the Disney Cruise ship, but without the fancy stuff, of course.

Boy, their bunks were awfully small! Looks Tyler-size!

This is the historic spot where the WWII Surrender took place.

Small world, Tyler ran into his former classmate from Kawaiaha‘o Preschool, Lee.

We also ran into another Lee, Aunty Lee, who was working this event! Here's Aunty Lee talking to Uncle Dean and Tyler saying "hi" to "Churkey!"

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