Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkins, ponies and an owl ... oh my!

Tyler and his Mommy and Daddy went to pumpkin patch at Aloun Farms in Ewa on a rainy, muddy day.

Tyler met with Aunty Kim, Lindsy, Uncle Scott and Kylie
(and Aunty Gayle and Logan too)

It was very, very muddy but at least it didn't rain while we were there.
And the clouds made it nice and cool, not hot and dusty.

For us "townies," being on a farm was quite an eye-opening experience.
We were quite concerned with the cleanliness of the pumpkins,
so Aunty Kim and Uncle Scott made sure to wipe down the pumpkins
with baby wipes.

Kylie was first to pick hers!

Then, as we walked further, we saw what looked like an owl-shaped pumpkin.
Turns out, it was a real owl with an injured left wing!

We all got nice looking, clean pumpkins!

The kiddies visited the petting zoo.

Here is what the petting zoo looked like from Tyler's POV.

Then Lindsy and Tyler took a pony ride.
Tyler rode "Thunder," while Lindsy rode "Lightning."

And despite Aunty Gayle getting her car stuck in the mud
(sorry no pics of that)
and all the mud on our slippers and feet,

it was a great time!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Four eyes!

Tyler went with Mommy to her eye doctor appointment.

And he loved playing with all the samples of eye glasses in the waiting room!

This is the "Sally Jesse Raphael" look!

This is the "Urkel" look!

This is the "Hollywood Glamour" big sunglesses look!

This is the look Mommy likes... for herself... but Tyler looks cute too!

Hopefully, Tyler will keep his 20/20 vision and won't need real glasses!

But if he does, he'll be really, really cute!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Go Warriors!

Tyler has been getting more interested in football this season.
He doesn't watch his iPod like he used to.
And he likes yelling phrases that he hears his neighbors shout,
like "Deeeefense!"

His most favorite part was getting newspaper scraps that were folded
into paper airplanes and hats.
Plus, he likes to eat Dippin' Dots and saimin!

Hopefully this will turn out to be a good season!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dolphin Discovery at Sea Life Park

Tyler spent his Fall Break at Sea Life Park with a special Kama‘aina Kids program. On the last day, parents were invited to watch, so Grandpa Randy, Grandma Judy and Dad went (Mom had to work).

The dolphin's name is Buster and Tyler got to touch and feed Buster.

Tyler is the bouncy one in green.

Then after, Mom met with them at Outback Steakhouse in Hawaii Kai for dinner.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tyler's Tool Time

Tyler went to his first kid's workshop at Iwilei Home Depot
this past Saturday.

He got a cool, little Home Depot apron that he got to keep.

Tyler and dad tackled the project together.

And they built a whistle fire engine!
Good job!

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