Friday, January 2, 2009

Tyler on TV

Tyler got a few minutes of fame on tv on New Year's Eve
when he was interviewed by KITV 4 News on a story
about the possible loss of cable channels.

Here's the story...

And here's Tyler watching himself.

He looked and sounded so cute!
(Don't mind the 3 seconds of his mother in the clip)
Reporter Catherine Cruz and Videographer Rex von Arnswaldt both
commented on how great Tyler was --
very well-behaved and good at watching television!
He gets a lot of practice!

Thanks to Aunty Jill for hooking Tyler up!


Nathan said...

He nailed that interview like a real pro. A future PR spokesman? Bummer to hear about the loss of these stations. Hope they come back soon.

BuzzBunny said...

Haha, wouldn't it be great if we could give talking points to our clients that included the phrase "I dunno"? If anyone could pull it off with sincerity, it's my Tyler!

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