Friday, December 26, 2008

Tyler got an early start on opening his Christmas gifts

Daddy had to work the next morning
so Tyler opened most of them on Christmas Eve

He got a Star Wars Lego set from Mom and Dad!

Tyler also gave presents

including getting Aunty Melissa a watch for Christmas!

Grandma Judy helped Tyler open presents,
including one that he thought was a "girl's toy"
because of a picture of a girl on the front

But it turned out to be a Barking Alarm Clock

Tyler got a funny book from Aunty Emi

Tyler got cool Thomas puzzle and games from
Grandma Judy and Grandpa Randy

as well as an awesome WALL-E laptop computer

Tyler loves to learn about the human body
and got a cool new anatomy book from Aunty Melissa

Here's some of the other presents Tyler got,
thanks to his generous aunties and uncles!

Even Grandma Judy got a new knife!

Then on Christmas morning, Tyler came downstairs
to see if Santa came by for a visit.

Grandma helped Tyler open up his new telescope!

What a great Christmas! Thanks everyone! Love, Tyler


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