Friday, August 1, 2008

Flashback Friday - 1st Trip to Disneyland 2005

As our family gets ready to go to Disneyland again and on the Disney Cruise, here's a look back at Tyler's first time at Disneyland in 2005, right after his 2nd birthday.

This is what Tyler looked like through most of Disneyland. No smile, nothing. He still has that look when he's not sure of something.

First ride was on Dumbo!
Thanks to Aunty Melissa who took the picture from the Dumbo in front of us!

The family standing in line. For a September, it was quite hot, as I recall.

The tea cup ride was the only ride where Tyler smiled! I think it was because of the motion. He seems to like things that go fast!

It was the park's 50th anniversary so we got Golden ears!

Can't wait for our trip! Keep checking the blog for updates!


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