Sunday, June 22, 2008


Grandpa Randy had a surprise birthday party in honor of his kanreki, or 60th birthday!

To surprise him, Grandma Judy told Grandpa Randy that we were having a wedding shower for Mark and Pii. Then Mommy sent out evites to family and friends. While guests arrived and set up the party, family friends Chris and Marty Gomez in Fresno, CA called Grandpa Randy at home to keep him away from the rec center. 45 minutes later, Grandpa Randy went up to check on the "shower," only to find it was a birthday party for him!

Enjoy pictures of the party!

Grandma Judy, Grandpa Randy, Mommy and Tyler

Grandpa Randy and Tyler (with submarine)

Grandma Kam presents Grandpa Randy with a certificate from Mayor Hannemann

The Kusaka's including new baby Isabella

Tyler kicks back with Uncle Toby

Aunty Susie and Haylie

Grandpa Randy and his friends


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